So, why should you get tattooed at Traditional Ink?

One of the things we love about Madison, WI is the level of quality tattoo artists here in the city! We also know however, that customer service has never been a top priority in the tattoo industry...until we came along!

At Traditional Ink Tattoo we only take one customer per day so our attention is 100% focused on YOU! Don't believe us? Please visit our Google Reviews and hear why our customers have rated us five our of five stars! Here are some of the benefits of getting inked here:

  • You'll never show up and wait for Dan to draw your tattoo       He will have sent the image to you before you've arrived and have the stencil prepared   by the time you show up. 

  • You'll never have to chase Dan down to reach him     Communication is paramount and you will always receive timely and professional  communications.

  • You'll experience a level of professionalism that you won't find in your local tattoo shop                                                    Remember, Dan prides himself on professional and he treats EVERY SINGLE CLIENT like they are the CEO!

  • You'll be tattooed in a Safe and Private setting.                     Traditional Ink Tattoo Studio is conveniently located downtown Madison inside the   Historic Body Works Building which is situated on the shore of beautiful Lake Monona.   Our studio is 100% private and designed with your comfort in mind.